Pastel Whisker

Canna-Kitty Pack

Canna-Kitty sticker pack

- Bud canna-kitty: 2.25”x2.5”
- Half skeleton canna-kitty: 2”x2.65”
- Cone canna-kitty: 2.25”x2.25”
- Canna-bow: 2.25”x1.25”

Store Information:

• All stickers whether it’s singleton or packs come in different sizes, each listing has the sizes stated.

• Sticker material is NOT waterproof, please do not get them wet or they will get ruined. Sometime I the future I will be getting into water proof but not right now.

• No returns accepted, I will however, do exchanges if you wish.

• If package is lost, I will need proof of lost package and proof you reached out to the post office.

• All stickers are handmade and not made in a factory.

• Currently only shipping to US and Canada, may make an exception for other countries but shipping is just too much at this time.

• Colors on stickers may vary depending on the ink and sticker paper.

Thank you so much for your orders!