Pastel Whisker
$3.50 - $9.50

Magical Girl Perfume Pack

Sailor scout holographic star perfume bottle stickers

moon 4”x3”
Mask 3.25”x3”
Chibi moon 3.25”x3”
mercury 3.25”x3”
mars 3.25”x3”
Jupiter 3.25”x3”
Pluto 3”x3.25”
Uranus 3”x3.25”
Neptune 3”x3.25”
Saturn 3”x3.25”

Store Information:

• All stickers whether it’s singleton or packs come in different sizes, each listing has the sizes stated.

• Sticker material is NOT waterproof, please do not get them wet or they will get ruined. Sometime I the future I will be getting into water proof but not right now.

• No returns accepted, I will however, do exchanges if you wish.

• If package is lost, I will need proof of lost package and proof you reached out to the post office.

• All stickers are handmade and not made in a factory.

• Currently only shipping to US and Canada, may make an exception for other countries but shipping is just too much at this time.

• Colors on stickers may vary depending on the ink and sticker paper.

• Sticky notes, keychains, Washi Tapes and lanyards are all sourced and made by a manufacturer and designed by me.

• Digital downloads are not refundable

Thank you so much for ordering!